North Salt Lake, UT-- Yugo to reintroduce its car line into the U.S. Utah has been selected to test market the new YugoBurb, an 8 passenger vehicle designed to compete in the light SUV market. In order the keep costs and weight down, Yugo has developed several breakthrough technologies. Although an 8 passenger vehicle, the YugoBurb has only one door on each side. It extends from the front to the rear giving all 8 passengers the ability to enter the car at once. The typically heavy upholstery in most SUV's has been replaced with Wicker making the Yugo both light weight and breezy. The dash board is build from recycled caffeine free Coke bottles, abundant in Utah. The YugoBurb is powered by a 3 cylinder Briggs and Straton motor. Starting the vehicle from the outside with a pull start keeps the cost low and helps provide a unique way to remain physically fit.

Boris Steathson spokesman for YugoBurb stated that Utah was a perfect test sight for this new vehicle. "Mormons are both cheap and have many kids" . Boris believes that once he gets a Bishop or Scoutmaster to buy off on this new concept that you will find a YugoBurb in every driveway. The vehicle comes in bright white, medium white and dark white and should be available in February of 2010. The vehicle will be marketed as a 2012 giving Yugo a jump on all other SUV companies.

Randy Richardson - Auto Day Reporter

12/22/2010 6:53pm

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