In the recent game against the 76ers the Jazz played a 6th man for over 8 minutes. No one in the audience or on the 76ers noticed the change. The idea was the brain child of Phil Johnson, assistant coach with the Utah Jazz.  The key to the plan lies in the size of the sixth man. The Utah Jazz signed a 20 day contract with Juan "Juan" Rodriguez. Juan is a native of Bolivia and is only 4ft 4 inches tall. The Jazz purchased a jersey that matches the pattern in the floor of the Energy Solutions Arena making it almost impossible to detect Juan. At the same time the extra man frustrated the 76ers and caused twice the normal turnovers.

Some have questioned the move and wondered if it was ethical. But the Utah Jazz adopted the position made famous by Charles Barkley. "If you aren't cheating you aren't trying." The Jazz plan on signing Juan "Juan" Rodriguez to a long term contract later this month. The good news said Jerry Sloan is that because no one knows he is there we don't need to pay him very much. There is some issue with the immigration situation but the Jazz are confident they can quickly get him a "green card.

Juan Juan Rodriguez played college ball at Bolivia Tech,  home of the fighting Blow Flies. Although basketball is not very popular in Bolivia the Jazz and the NBA are hopeful that moves such as this one will introduce Bolivians to pro basketball.


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