The retirement of Jerry Sloan as the coach of the Utah Jazz came as a shocker to basketball fans in and out of Utah. Jerry Sloan has coached the Utah Jazz for 23 seasons including two NBA finals and producing hall of fame players such as John Stockton and Karl Malone.

Even a bigger shock came as the world discovered for the first time that Jerry Sloan has a twin brother named Harry Sloan. It is now believed by many including past and present Jazz players the Jerry split time as coach with his twin Harry. They are almost impossible to tell apart physically. That is where in ends however. Jerry has spent his entire life living, learning, playing and coaching basketball. Harry has spent his life tucked away playing marbles. Jerry recently told the press that "no one can shoot a cats eye like Harry."

Splitting time as coach of the Jazz has really solved some on going questions. For years players noticed that some days it seemed like Jerry did not know "what the hell was going on," followed by brilliant basketball moves and perfect coaching.. The fact that Jerry and Harry split time as the Jazz coach really explains the holes in the Utah Jazz and their success. When Harry coached he was thinking a about ways to shoot marbles and how to win steelies while Jerry lived and breathed basketball.

The whole retirement issue shook the State of Utah but was nothing compared to the "twin revelation." The whole matter has put Jerry Sloan's 23 year coaching record in jeopardy. NBA officials what to know how  often Harry was the coach. One official who requested that his name was not reveled stated that Jerry should only get credit for 12.5 years.

It is unknown whether Jerry filled in for Harry at marbles competitions in the Midwest. One thing for sure, the controversy is likely to continue for some time as the facts are revealed and an official investigation is completed. David Stern NBA commissioner stated that the only thing that would be more shocking would be a revelation that Jerry and Harry were triplets and there is still one more Sloan to discover. After following this story nothing would shock this reporter.

Charles (Chip) VanPattrick


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