Beginning on December 20th all visitors to Temple Square will be asked to wear Christmas lights on their head. Young people and adults with small heads will be equipped with a string of 9 volt battery powered lights. Larger heads and larger groups will have their lights powered by a 12 Volt car battery in a wheel-a-long bag.

Carrying the car battery is somewhat difficult because of the weight, but as one visitor put it, "who cares if you have a chance to personally participate with the lights at Temple Square."

As you enter Temple Square you will be asked if you have a pace maker or a metal plate in your head. This will not stop your participation but you will be equipped with a special metal hat prior to light installation. The metal hat resembles a Chinese cooking wok. Because it is made from chrome it reflects the lights and makes for an especially dramatic effect.

Women with "Beehive" hair do's and large hair styles will be especially excited about the new program. Weaving the lights into the hair style creates the same effect as your find when you weave lights through bushes and shrubs with your home Christmas lighting.

Imagine the effect as the thousands of lights at Temple Square are accompanied by hundreds of visitors walking through Temple Square with their heads "lit up."

Each light strand has a bar code and a security stamp. Visitors who forget to return their head lights and try to leave Temple Square will receive a "fun" shock to the forehead reminding them to return the lights for the next visitor. Souvenir Christmas Head Lights can be purchased just outside the gates of Temple Square for 19.95. The souvenir lights come in Utah Red, BYU Blue, College of Eastern Utah Yellow, or mixed colors for those who don't have a school alliance.

Reported by: Mary Samborne / Creative Living Contributor

01/07/2011 11:03pm

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