A recent study shows that snow storms and extreme weather affect stupid people more than smart people. A study funded by the University of Wyoming during 2009 and 2010 found that the "stupids" are much more susceptible to weather than the "smarties"

Stupid people have a difficult time with life in general states Jimmy Nickles from the department of Psychology at the University of Wyoming. Tack on three feet of snow, black ice and sub zero temperatures stupid people become even dumber. Making decisions as a stupid person is tough on a good day, let alone the extremes weather changes across the USA.

The University of Wyoming plans on introducing some new classes at its campus this spring. Being "Less Dumberer" and "Hiding Your Stupidity" are just two of the classes planned. The classes are promised to get easier as students advance.

Originally researchers believed that blond hair had a negative impact and perhaps even caused stupidity. Recent finding are proving this to be wrong. With all the hair dye available it is impossible to really know who is blond and who is dumb states Mr. Nickles.

Stupid people are encouraged to eat brain food which include extra fruit and vegetables in the hopes it may help. If you are going to be dumb at least be healthy states Dr. Nickles.

- Bev Labrum  / Lifestyle reporter

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