Washington DC -- As everyone knows even though your local Post Office may have 10 service windows, you have probably never seen more than 2 open at a time. The line sometimes wraps around like a Disney Land ride, but with no fun at the end. This proves to be a great waste of space,not to mention time and money.

With this in mind the Post Office is merging with Starbucks. The open windows will serve coffee and donuts offering the Post Office patrons something to do while they stand in line. USPS is hopeful that this merger will not only make for a better use of space, but cut down on arguments and patrons constant impatience. Several Steak houses expressed interest in opening their restaurants in the post office but it was felt that steak, potatoes, vegetables and rolls would be too difficult to balance while holding a package.

For those wishing for something other than coffee, several shakes and fruit juices will be offered. Cup holders will be placed around the counter giving patrons somewhere to rest their drinks while filling out forms, addressing labels. In return, the Post Office will now feature a cup of steaming coffee on their forever $0.44 stamp.

Clyde Clemson, Independent Reporter

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