Aggies JV Team during warm-ups
Logan, UT -- After the recent loss by the the Utah State Football, team the Aggie's lost out on yet another NCAA bowl season. The players and coaches are very disappointed but, as they mentioned, "it is just like every other year." The athletic department has now turned their attention to the Aggie Boggle team. Boggle is one of the most popular parlor games and the Ag's are the ranked #1 in the country. As one Boggle player put it, "who cares about touchdowns when you can figure out words." Coach Smeadly hopes that the students will get behind the team and sell out the Dee Glen Smith Arena. Tickets start at 0.15 cents and lower bowl tickets are available for 0.78 cents. The season opens on December 15th.
- Bud Chippett, Sports


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